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In partnership with the City of Hampton, Grade A Educational Services has created the Tech Connect Program that will aide those residents negatively affected by the pandemic. Enrollment is taking place as of now with participants being selected to receive training and employment services at no cost to themselves.

The training program has 3 areas of focus: AudioVisual Information Technology, Construction, and Digital Marketing. Every participant will receive a laptop and necessary tools and/or software to be effective through training. Participants have to be able to take a fulltime position. To apply click above Tech Connect.     


Gerron DelValle serves and instructor of Digital Marketing and AVIT Tech. Gerron will be available to all trainees to ensure a successful completion

Assistant Director

Dr. Kenya DelValle will be over the Workplace Readiness Skills training which every trainee will partake in to ensure their employability.

Construction Instructor 

John Creath will be the Construction Instructor and navigate trainees through their certifications and proper protective equipment guidelines.

On-Site Training Lead 

Vaughn Demby will lead new trainees in the field as they began to get on the job experience.